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    Lamar Advertising Company has been in business for 111 years. We are headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Lamar advertising has been selling billboard space in the Coachella Valley/ Palm Springs Market since 2002. Lamar Palm Springs is proud of its rich history of getting involved in community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, local organizations, as well as helping support different community causes.
    Lamar Advertising of Palm Springs provides multiple sizes and various billboard packages within the Coachella Valley, High Desert & Banning areas. These ''Outdoor Advertising'' products provide the advertiser an outlet to create tremendous reach and frequency for their potential customers. Advertising billboards work for the advertiser 7 days a week up o to 24 hours a day with our new digital displays .
    Lamar provides three types of products; our large format bulletins, our smaller formatted locations called posters and our electronic format digital displays. Lamar provides two different programs for all three products. Program number one is called the ''Permanent''. This where you purchase one particular location and your advertising message remains there throughout your contract.The second program is called the ''Rotary''. This where your advertising message/vinyl is relocated every 8 weeks in the Bulletin Rotary plan, every 4 weeks in the Poster '' Rotary'' and every 2 weeks on the digital network ''Rotary'' plan. The permanent locations allows the advertising to capture a specific artery.